Sculptus is an art incubator comprised of three artists. Our origins are from very different worlds with very different life experiences, yet we all share very similar paradigms and philosophies. We have come to work together in order to combine our artistic strengths to collaborate on large conceptual installations and sculptural pieces. By the way of teamwork, we are able to work in any medium and are not restricted to a practice and experience of a single artist. This capability enables us to deliver truly tailored solutions and address any challenge we may encounter.We are all professional visual artists living and working in Canada with extensive international experiences. As full-time artists, the Team has the ability to fully dedicate its time and resources to large projects. Sculptus takes a completely fresh approach to every project working closely with stakeholders during the entire creative process of Conceptualization to Fabrication and Installation. Sculptus is head quartered in its specially designed, purpose built studio in Cochrane, Alberta. The Team has additional studio spaces in Toronto and Prague.

Eldon Guay has been sculpting for 27 years; and as a full-time artist for the past 10 years working in a wide range of materials. He studied the ancient art of stone sculpting in Carrara, Italy from 2004 to 2007. Eldon sculpts in Italian marble, granite, and limestone. He also works in steel, aluminium, and zinc; as well as a variety of plastics.  He has a strong background in Manufacturing, along with experience in both Avation and extensively in the Automotive Realm.        

Lumir Hladik, born and raised in the Czech Republic, was classically trained in the arts in the European tradition. He has worked with a myriad of stakeholders on a variety of projects from scientists, philosophers, politicians, business owners, and other artists across all disciplines and media. In 2008, The National Gallery of the Czech Republic has included his art in its permanent collection.

David Magladry, works as a professional lighting designer and consultant in many disciplines such as: museum exhibitions, theatre, television and special events (such as for Prime Minister Stephen Harper). David has provided lighting design to well over 600 permanent, temporary and traveling exhibitions. He has lit virtually all types of subject matter from the works of Renoir; Egyptian Antiquities; Imperial Japanese Kimonos; Middle Ages Austrian Armour; and Personal Artifacts of General George Washington. He has also collaborated on exhibitions with leading Canadian design houses such as: Reich and Petch, Expographiq, Lauren Kinsella Design and Associates, Atelier Amberbrook, and The Taylor Group.